How to Celebrate Christmas with God in Mind

I wasn’t going to string the Christmas tree lights wrong again. I’d been deliberate in putting them away. And as I unpacked them, I thought it through: If I need the male electrical end to plug into the outlet, I have to start with the female end at the top of the tree. (Does your […]

Why Your Decision to Eat Less at the Holidays is the Wrong One

That was dumb! I can’t believe I did it again. I’d decided I wasn’t going to overeat at the holiday dinner — and I meant it! The day of the event, I was confident; this year was going to be different. I’d even noticed the cute pants in my closet and grinned to myself: Before […]

How to Make Fewer Decisions and Gain More Freedom

“No more questions! If I have to decide one more thing today, I’ll explode!” Another Mother of the Year moment. I can’t remember the question he asked, but I know it came at the end of an interminable day, which required excruciating decisions. Or maybe it capped off a humdrum day filled with no end […]

Do Easy Decisions Make You Feel Dumb? You’re Not Alone

How can this be? I’m a bright girl. I have lots to say. Some might even argue, “too much to say.” <ahem> So why can’t I decide what to write about?! I get so frustrated with myself. This should be an easy decision. 249 ideas float through my head, and my task: choose one to […]

The One Thing You Need to Do to Make Your Prayer Life Flourish

To say “ivy blanketed the landscape” conjures the image of a manicured English garden. No, the summer I yanked the overgrown invader from my new backyard, I uncovered a sculpture, a chaise lounge, and a 10-ft long fence from beneath its tangled vines. A formidable task, its reward was a blank slate on which to […]

5 Reasons You Don’t Want to Pray (and Why They’re Wrong)

I open the classroom door, and the hum of conversation surprises me. Of course! There’s an assignment due. Students aim rapid-fire statements at me as I approach the podium. “I didn’t understand #4.” “It didn’t make sense to me, either. “What about #7?” And my favorite: “A bunch of us discussed it online last night […]

How to Free Others From Past Mistakes: What My Cookbook Taught Me

The comment sears my heart, but instead of reacting, I laugh and excuse myself to check on the soup that doesn’t need checking. I squeeze my eyes to blink away tears as the comment ricochets through my brain. Is that the cookbook Kendra burned? It’s become Family Lore. Looking frantically for space, I had squeezed […]

The One Thing More Powerful Than Goal-Setting — How to Triumph in the New Year

The words taunt me: TODAY’S TOP 3: (What will make today a win for you?) Am I the only one? Or do the words in your daily planner poke at you also? Perhaps like you, I’ve read books and blog posts about setting goals. I’ve taken goal-setting classes. I’ve written SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, […]

How to Be Calm in Anxious Times

A cup of fresh-brewed coffee in hand, you open the laptop to begin your day, but as soon as you see the headline, your heart sinks. Something horrible has happened — again. Click the picture. Skim for details. It’s too early to know much. Google it, look at three more news reports. Your stomach flip-flops. The […]

Why Prayer is the Answer — Even When You Don’t Want it to Be

Your heart lies exposed on the table between you. You’re glad you finally had a chance to share lunch — and life’s latest hard situation — with your friend. The story now told, you sit back, watch as she sips her mocha latte, and wait for your friend’s response. She sets down her cup and […]