How to Get the Most Out of Your Time with God

The flavor begins to melt on your tongue as you bite off a small piece. Mmmm… It’s almost too rich, too sweet. As you savor the morsel, you realize that your first instinct – to gobble it down all at once – would have robbed you of this delectable experience. Have you ever eaten an […]

What Things Do You Really Need?

    What if your belongings aren’t who you are? What if… your books your photo albums your clothes the activities on your calendar your friends your email list your phone any of the things in piles around you waiting to be put away… don’t define you? What if the only things you truly need […]

Do You Apologize When You Shouldn’t? A New Perspective

I did something recently. You’ve done it, too, I’m sure. Many times, if you’re at all like me, which I’m guessing you are. (Tell me I’m not the only one!) But before we get to the thing, let me set the stage. The new year prompted me to join “just a few” self-improvement challenges. (I […]

How to Enjoy A CALMER Life, Free From Decision Fatigue

We make a gazillion decisions each day. Or at least, it feels like we do. And the more decisions in a day, the worse our decisions are by the end of the day — the research backs me up on this. Following are 6 ways to defeat decision fatigue. The acrostic CALMER will help you […]

How to Celebrate Christmas with God in Mind

I wasn’t going to string the Christmas tree lights wrong again. I’d been deliberate in putting them away. And as I unpacked them, I thought it through: If I need the male electrical end to plug into the outlet, I have to start with the female end at the top of the tree. (Does your […]

Why Your Decision to Eat Less at the Holidays is the Wrong One

That was dumb! I can’t believe I did it again. I’d decided I wasn’t going to overeat at the holiday dinner — and I meant it! The day of the event, I was confident; this year was going to be different. I’d even noticed the cute pants in my closet and grinned to myself: Before […]

How to Make Fewer Decisions and Gain More Freedom

“No more questions! If I have to decide one more thing today, I’ll explode!” Another Mother of the Year moment. I can’t remember the question he asked, but I know it came at the end of an interminable day, which required excruciating decisions. Or maybe it capped off a humdrum day filled with no end […]

Do Easy Decisions Make You Feel Dumb? You’re Not Alone

How can this be? I’m a bright girl. I have lots to say. Some might even argue, “too much to say.” <ahem> So why can’t I decide what to write about?! I get so frustrated with myself. This should be an easy decision. 249 ideas float through my head, and my task: choose one to […]

The One Thing You Need to Do to Make Your Prayer Life Flourish

To say “ivy blanketed the landscape” conjures the image of a manicured English garden. No, the summer I yanked the overgrown invader from my new backyard, I uncovered a sculpture, a chaise lounge, and a 10-ft long fence from beneath its tangled vines. A formidable task, its reward was a blank slate on which to […]

5 Reasons You Don’t Want to Pray (and Why They’re Wrong)

I open the classroom door, and the hum of conversation surprises me. Of course! There’s an assignment due. Students aim rapid-fire statements at me as I approach the podium. “I didn’t understand #4.” “It didn’t make sense to me, either. “What about #7?” And my favorite: “A bunch of us discussed it online last night […]