Do You Apologize When You Shouldn’t? A New Perspective

I did something recently. You’ve done it, too, I’m sure. Many times, if you’re at all like me, which I’m guessing you are. (Tell me I’m not the only one!) But before we get to the thing, let me set the stage. The new year prompted me to join “just a few” self-improvement challenges. (I […]

How to Free Others From Past Mistakes: What My Cookbook Taught Me

The comment sears my heart, but instead of reacting, I laugh and excuse myself to check on the soup that doesn’t need checking. I squeeze my eyes to blink away tears as the comment ricochets through my brain. Is that the cookbook Kendra burned? It’s become Family Lore. Looking frantically for space, I had squeezed […]

How to Be Calm in Anxious Times

A cup of fresh-brewed coffee in hand, you open the laptop to begin your day, but as soon as you see the headline, your heart sinks. Something horrible has happened — again. Click the picture. Skim for details. It’s too early to know much. Google it, look at three more news reports. Your stomach flip-flops. The […]

How to Save Time, Frustration, and Your Relationships

Do you and your people have different ideas about housework? Change your thinking without changing your standards. I got up early — how can I still be late for work? The usual culprits — the pets, the kids, Facebook… I shove a toothbrush in my mouth and reach for the curling iron before realizing I’m […]

Entertaining is Easy When You Focus on Fun

I need to calm my jumpiness so it doesn’t give me away. For the most part, I don’t get nervous about the potlucks I host. But right now I’m so jittery I can’t focus. How hard can it be to arrange sliced meats and cheeses?! While planning this potluck, my boyfriend and I had gone […]

To Love, Honor, and Protect

As I stood there watching my man, a can of spider-kill-juice in his hand, I was overcome by how well he takes care of me. You see, I am an insect magnet. Lucky me! When hubby and I watch fireworks from our cozy blanket on the grass, I return with dozens of bug bites while […]

Room to Think

It’s a lazy Sunday morning. Before long I’ll open the blinds, signaling to the animals upstairs that it’s breakfast time. But for now it’s quiet. My husband is away for the weekend. It isn’t my preference but it ends up working out well. When you’re together all the time – which we are, living together, […]

Learning to Listen

“…they were like the flowers you told me not to lick because they’re poisonous…” “Wait. What?” It became apparent that I hadn’t been listening to my son as closely as I thought I had. “Back up a bit,” I said, trying to discern if any licking of poisonous plants had occurred in the past 24 […]

Three Seconds to a New Relationship

As women, we can often be our own worst enemies, especially when it comes to our relationships. {I assume men can be their own worst enemies as well, because we’re all human and ruled by the same brain chemicals, but having never been a man, I can’t say for certain.} We are very quick to […]

Smarter Than My Cat? What You Need to Know About Love

Cats aren’t the smartest creatures. I made the mistake of multi-tasking the other day: feeding Snowball while blending my protein shake. (Man, is that blender loud!) Though she’d been squawking her hunger all morning, she wouldn’t eat because she hadn’t heard the food clink into the bowl. She approached her bowl repeatedly. She could see […]