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7 Ways You Lie To Yourself—Without Even Realizing It

You’re frustrated with all that’s on your plate and it’s weighing you down.

Just when it feels like you’ll never catch up, you take on new projects—and your self-loathing adds to the vicious cycle.

But it’s not just the weight of the projects that threatens to take you down each day. You’re tired of doing battle with the negative thoughts that tell you you should be able to handle everything.

You try to power through until… “God, I can’t do this anymore!”

There’s a better way to settle down your schedule and your negative thought spiral at the same time.

An easier way.

You don’t need to work harder or wrestle your negative thoughts to the ground.

Instead, you need a few simple mindset shifts—


7 Ways You Lie to Yourself—
Without Even Realizing It

An E-book & Reflection Journal

It’s hard to confront the lies we tell ourselves, because too often we see them as truth. 

Whether they’ve been there since childhood or you picked them up as an adult, small untruths keep you from taking action and living the life you know you were meant to live.

Imagine waking up each day and:

experiencing more joy and meaning 

having more control over your life (and your schedule)

feeling more peaceful inside and more productive at the same time!

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Hi, I’m Kendra Burrows, a mindset coach and psych instructor.

I remember when it used to feel easier to lie to myself than to take action. It felt like a protection— from shame, from more negative thoughts, and from failure. Sometimes, I didn’t even realize the words I believed were untrue.

But as I confronted the lies with simple, research-based mindset shifts, I discovered that truth really does set you free. 

That’s why I wrote 7 Ways You Lie to Yourself—Without Even Realizing It — an e-book & reflection journal, where I walk beside you, an encouraging friend to help you sort through the lies, so that you can feel peace, experience joy, and live the life you were created to live.

What you’ll find inside this
PDF guide:

Simple, research-based mindset shifts you can implement immediately

Read through it + experience relief within 30 minutes

An encouraging friend to walk through it with you

Dozens of practical, real-life examples

Printable reflection pages & templates you can use again and again

With these simple mindset shifts you’ll be saying, 

“I feel so much more successful now!”

“It really makes me feel accomplished at the end of the day.”

“I feel less crazy for having to focus on this very thing after 50+ years!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to confront the lies?!

I get it! Confronting lies forces you to take action—and that sounds hard. I promise, this is different. Instead of wrestling with the lies like many approaches do (which activates your fight-or-flight response), this e-book & reflection journal invites you to consider how the untruths affect your daily life and encourages you to make small mindset shifts that replace stress with peace.

Why these 7 lies?

When you saw the title 7 Ways You Lie to Yourself your brain probably asked, “Only 7?!” You have a very smart brain! I chose these lies because you might not realize they’re untrue, but they affect your life every single day.

Is it going to be a lot of (emotional) work?

That’s the beauty of this approach—simply being aware of these lies will change how your brain thinks about them, so it’ll do the “work” for you. I’ve included reflection questions and exercises to dive deeper and get specific about the lies you tell yourself, but you’ll still benefit from the research-based examples if journaling isn’t your thing.

Why should I do this now?

Simple mindset shifts that will calm the clutter in your head and make you feel more peaceful and more productive right away— why not now?!

What Others are Saying

“Thank you for giving me freedom to think about this in a different way.”

– Stacy

“You ask the questions that cause people to stop and think, and to think for themselves.”

Melinda Patrick on The Even While Podcast

“Thank you for the wealth of practical advice! The tools you suggested are working well.”

– Diana