Tired of negative thoughts holding you back?

Overcome fear and indecision so you can confidently be who God created you to be.

 It’s time to free yourself from your

negative thoughts.


I help bright, successful over-thinkers like you change your negative thoughts using Scripture and the Science of how God made you.


Conquer your negative thoughts with one-on-one coaching using proven techniques that align with Scripture.


Empower the people in your group to reduce their negative thoughts and live the lives God created them to live.


Learn practical ways to apply Scripture and science in everyday life to minimize negative thoughts.

You are so much more than your negative thoughts!

Here’s the thing ― those negative thoughts? They’re there for a reason.

But you don’t have to live with them forever or let them control you. 

And you don’t have to do it alone.

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Whether the “crazy” in your life is due to world events, navigating your workplace technology, or a toddler who won’t sleep through the night, what you probably crave most is peace—or at least calm.   And it’s tempting to think that we’ll have the peace we crave as soon as… … we elect the right...

Do You Want to Be Better Informed? Stop Watching the News

You want to make fact-based decisions instead of letting your emotions take over. Yet the more time you spend knee-deep in political news, the more frustrated, irritable, and stressed out you become. How do you reconcile your desire to make well-informed choices, and your need to de-stress from...

5 Wrong Reasons You Pay Attention to the News

You want to stay informed about world events, but the negativity is crazy-making. And if you have a tendency toward negative automatic thoughts—or a sensitivity to suffering—even small doses of the news can lead you into a downward spiral of increased stress and negativity. When I encourage my...

Take Control of Your Negative Thoughts