I get it — you’ve read so many self-help books,
you should be absolutely perfect by now.

From the outside, you look successful.
(Heck, sometimes you even feel successful.)

But negative scenarios keep hijacking your thoughts
… and you have trouble getting rid of them.

You turn to the books piled by your bed, flipping between
psychology & scripture.

You try to read the inspirational bestsellers,
but they make your Jesus-loving heart feel, well, … itchy.

But standard Biblical wisdom isn’t working for you, either.

And you wonder, yet again:
What’s wrong with me?
Why is it so hard to replace my negative thoughts with Truth? 

You feel so… broken.

What’s a Christian girl to do?

I believe…
you’re not
broken, you’re just befuddled.

“Great tips and encouragement, Kendra! So often we can let the negative cloud our vision of ourselves and the Truth. Thank you for these helpful reminders to be gentle with ourselves!” — Liana

Imagine recognizing yourself
as the successful, confident woman others already see.

Imagine negative scenarios hijacking your thoughts less often
and when they do, getting rid of them sooner.

Imagine feeling less broken and being less befuddled
…because you’ve embraced who God created you to be!


Want to receive regular reassurance
from someone who’s been there?


Hi, I’m Kendra, and I’ve been where you are.

Kendra Burrows

No matter how successful I seemed,
negative thoughts invaded my mind. 

Self-help books suggested medication,
counseling, and ways to build my self-esteem. 

Bible verses reminded me to
“make every thought obedient to Christ.”

But nothing seemed to help.

I felt so… broken.

But with prayerful guidance,
I realized I was working too hard on the wrong things.

I wasn’t broken, I was just befuddled.

With my Bible in one hand and my psych degree in the other,
I acquired tools 
that combined Scripture and
the Science of how God made us —
to quiet those pesky mind mosquitoes.

I can hardly wait to share those tools with you!