How to Be Calm in Anxious Times

A cup of fresh-brewed coffee in hand, you open the laptop to begin your day, but as soon as you see the headline, your heart sinks. Something horrible has happened — again. Click the picture. Skim for details. It’s too early to know much. Google it, look at three more news reports. Your stomach flip-flops. The […]

Why Prayer is the Answer — Even When You Don’t Want it to Be

Your heart lies exposed on the table between you. You’re glad you finally had a chance to share lunch — and life’s latest hard situation — with your friend. The story now told, you sit back, watch as she sips her mocha latte, and wait for your friend’s response. She sets down her cup and […]

Why “What Would Jesus Do?” Is the Wrong Question

I can’t make one more decision. My Friday errands threaten to overtake me as I drive from store to store. There should be combat pay for Decision Fatigue. As I approach a sign-toting young man asking for money, I’m conflicted. I’m not opposed to sharing my good fortune with others, but Does it do any […]

How is the Holy Spirit Like Your Car?

I bought a new car the other day. I didn’t expect to. But my minivan was no match for our laborious summer, so we put it out to pasture. It turns out, cars have changed a bit in the 15 years since I sweltered under a circus tent, cradling my 5-week-old son through the most […]

How to Save Time, Frustration, and Your Relationships

Do you and your people have different ideas about housework? Change your thinking without changing your standards. I got up early — how can I still be late for work? The usual culprits — the pets, the kids, Facebook… I shove a toothbrush in my mouth and reach for the curling iron before realizing I’m […]

God Is NOT Good — A Simple Reminder to Bring Every Thought Captive

Is a technology flaw an insidious tool or a powerful warning?   Autocorrect drives me crazy! You, too? I text a friend between chores, and hit send without double-checking. Sometimes the result is humorous, sometimes just odd. But one particular instance is insidious. When I type the word God, my smartphone inserts Good instead. Praise […]

How to Conquer Your Negative Automatic Thoughts

6:30 already? Ugh. The boys hijack the groceries faster than I can put them away, bombarding me with questions between mouthfuls. Chief among them: What’s for dinner? “Beef stroganoff.” The piranhas aren’t deterred. As I gather ingredients, bobbing and weaving through the obstacle course of moving bodies in my compact kitchen, I realize my error. No […]

Did God Promise No More Troubling Thoughts?

Excitement bubbles up inside me. How had I missed this Bible verse? “The righteous person may have many thoughts, but the LORD delivers him from them all.” (Psalm 34:19, NIV) The words astound me: the LORD delivers us from our thoughts!  Oh, how I need Him to deliver me from my thoughts. You, too? I […]

Entertaining is Easy When You Focus on Fun

I need to calm my jumpiness so it doesn’t give me away. For the most part, I don’t get nervous about the potlucks I host. But right now I’m so jittery I can’t focus. How hard can it be to arrange sliced meats and cheeses?! While planning this potluck, my boyfriend and I had gone […]

Don’t Feel Beautiful? The One Thing You Need to Know

If you’ve stopped by because of my post at Communicator Academy (How to Get a Great Headshot), welcome! Scroll down to the bottom to download your free copy of How to Be Sure Your Headshot Captures Your Best You. And if you worry your best you isn’t beautiful enough, read along for encouragement. The memory startled […]