Kendra Burrows

" transformed by the renewing of your mind..." (Romans 12:2)

No More Motherhood Books

They’re everywhere – books about motherhood. But they make me just a little sad. I miss the little years. I love the big years – love, love, LOVE them! – but I miss the littles. Tiny hands and tiny socks and tiny arms wrapped around mama’s neck. And tiny words in too-big voices that make […]


It’s Five Minute Friday – the day hundreds of people write for just five minutes on the same prompt and then share their words with each other on Lisa-Jo Baker‘s site. No editing, back-tracking, or revising. Just writing for the joy of writing. Won’t you join us? Today’s prompt: paint. I see the scuff marks, […]

Waiting Silently

“Without fail your soul will remember and bow low over me. This is what I shall bring back to my heart. That is why I shall show a waiting attitude.” (Lamentations 3:20-21) Sometimes my Bible study has me delving into the literal translations of the text. Other times it reminds me to pause and reflect […]

March: Things I Learned and Read

What have I learned in March? Nothing too fascinating. What have I read? Even less. So I’m going to combine two posts into one. First, books I read in March: The Long Awakening: A Memoir by Lindsey O’Connor The survival story of a woman who gives birth and then slips into a coma. (See a […]

Learning to Listen

“…they were like the flowers you told me not to lick because they’re poisonous…” “Wait. What?” It became apparent that I hadn’t been listening to my son as closely as I thought I had. “Back up a bit,” I said, trying to discern if any licking of poisonous plants had occurred in the past 24 […]