New Glasses, Fresh Vision


This post is part of the Thursday Blog Hop for the Proverbs 31 Ministries Online Study of the book What Happens When Women Say Yes to God.)

I went to the eye doctor recently and was not surprised to learn that I needed new glasses.  You see, my old ones are in “not great” shape.  You know how that is – I’ve needed new ones for a while, but these ones are “just fine.”

No use going to the trouble of getting new ones.  There are a few scratches on the lenses, but I’ve gotten used to looking through them.  I barely notice how often I push the stretched frames back onto my nose.  And on alternate days the blurry world is either a hazy romantic scene from an old movie or evidence of the wildfires blazing in southern Oregon.

So, yeah – I need new glasses.  It’s funny how we can know something to be true, but still look sideways at it and “make do.”  Sometimes for years.

So I ordered my new glasses with their sturdier frames and updated lenses.  And a curious thing happened.  As I have been waiting the 7-10 days for Costco to tell me my order has arrived, my old glasses are  Making. Me. Crazy!

Now that I know (I mean, really, really know) that I need new glasses, the old ones are practically impossible to live with.  I can barely see anything!

Sometimes that happens in our spiritual life as well.  In the “Say Yes! To God” book study this week, we are encouraged to “keep our vision clear” and to get a “fresh vision.”

We know this is necessary.  We know we need to continually make God first in our lives, to clear away the obstacles between us and our fellowship with Him.  But how many times do we squint around the issue, justifying that we can see the Lord “just fine” from where we’re at?

I know that I am guilty of this at times, trying to “make do” with God.  Especially in this season of extra busyness.  It seems like we can keep pushing Him to the forefront when He slips off our noses.  But shouldn’t He be in front of our noses all the time?  Maybe if we stepped back and got a fresh vision, we wouldn’t have to make so many adjustments to keep God in focus.  He would be our focus all the time.  As He should be.

And once we are aware of it, it will make us crazy until we fix the issue.

This week as I change my physical vision with new glasses, I am going to step back and get a fresh vision for my relationship with Jehovah God as well.  I don’t yet know what that will look like.  But I know I will come out the other end with clearer vision and fewer headaches.

What ways are you going to develop a fresh vision to see God more clearly?

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  1. Irene cunningham

    Wow Gods has worked through so many of his women # fresh vision

    1. Amen. Thanks for stopping by, Irene.

  2. Marlene ~~OBS small group leader

    I love the comparison of new glasses to new vision! I was also struck this week by the fact that I have being just obedient enough to make myself appear to be obedient, but I haven’t sold out and been radical. So that is my goal, that with God’s strength I will be radically obedient in all aspects of my life. Thanks for the encouragement and for sharing.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Marlene! I think a less-radical level of obedience is something we can easily “slip into” if we’re not vigilant – especially in specific areas or during specific seasons. I’m glad you stopped by! Your words encouraged me.

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