Kendra Burrows

" transformed by the renewing of your mind..." (Romans 12:2)

Idolatry in Ancient Times

What did idolatry look like in ancient times? There are many accounts of idol worship in the Hebrew Scriptures (i.e., the Old Testament).  One such account talks about Manasseh, who became king of Judah around 697 B.C.  His father, Hezekiah, had made many religious reforms to bring worship back to Jehovah, the God of the […]

8 Things I Learned in September

Hey guys!  Here are some of the FAScinating things I learned in September: 1. That subtitled movies can be enjoyable.  We watched Romantics Anonymous, which was cute.  Then I became the last person on earth to see Amelie (has it really been on my I’ll-get-to-that-some-day list for 12 years!? Wow.)  A very dear little movie. […]

When Organization Keeps Me from Getting Things Done

We’ve all had days when organization – or rather, the lack of organization – keeps us from getting things done.  The clutter on my counter is directly related to the clutter in my mind, and it exacerbates my brain fog.  On those days, I must take on the mess before I tackle my to-do list. […]

She (Five Minute Friday)

She is always waiting at home after school for her children and they are happy to see her.  She bakes them cookies and allows them to make glorious messes and never (well, almost never) says no. She smiles brightly at everyone she meets and welcomes them with hugs.  She doesn’t seem to know any negative […]

Grumbling Through My “Yes!” to God

This post is part of the Thursday Blog Hop for the Proverbs 31 Ministries Online Study of the book What Happens When Women Say Yes to God.) I have had a number of bigger-than-usual opportunities to say “Yes!” to God recently.  (Wow!)  But after the initial “Yes, Lord!” – when the real work of obedience […]