Sticking With It: One Step at a Time

Aug 29, 2013

  • My garden hasn’t been weeded or the lawn mowed in over a month.
  • I keep leaving the garage door open, hoping someone will steal my bike so I can stop feeling guilty about not riding it.
  • The folks at Subway no longer need to ask what my son would like on his sandwich.
  • I haven’t yet looked at any of the material for a blogging bootcamp I “started” 3 days ago.
  • In fact, I haven’t even looked at my new blog in several weeks.
  • And I’ve not yet read the chapters for this week’s “Yes to God” study.
  • In fact, I haven’t even managed to write to my grandfather — one of the people I love most in the world — to tell him I got married 19 days ago.  (He suffers from dementia, but come on!  Three weeks!?!?)

I had so many God-inspired plans for the summer — meeting my Christian sisters at She Speaks, starting a blog, participating in Bible studies — in addition to taking care of what God has already provided for me.  Then my sweetie proposed and we planned a wedding in a matter of weeks.

I’ve been inundated with blessings and am so thankful for each and every one of them.  I’m excited to glorify God for the things He’s done for me and to say “Yes!” to Him in every conceivable way.

Yet, there’s so much going on right now, I can’t sit still long enough to focus.  The things with which I had intended to fill my summer are falling — okay, have fallen — by the wayside.

How do I “stick with it” when I clearly don’t have it all together?  Or even somewhat together?

By reminding myself what I am doing that coincides with God’s purpose:

  • I’m blending a very new family together (with some opposition), while still maneuvering two households.
  • I’m preparing for a new school year as a parent, a teacher, and a teacher’s wife.
  • I’m living in a construction zone in preparation for selling my house.  (I’m convinced that drywall dust has lodged in the crevices of my brain and explains my fogginess.)
  • I’m setting up a new laptop (that’s replacing a broken one, that just two months ago replaced a stolen one).
  • I’m updating my new name with every conceivable government and financial agency on the planet.
  • I just returned from a three-day trip with my husband, visiting his elderly mother who lives 5 hours away.
  • And every day I get up, laugh with my son, smooch on my husband, and cross something else off my list.

Yes, I get discouraged that I’m behind on my to-do list.  Because those are the things I thought I’d be doing to glorify God.  But the Bible says:

The LORD directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives.  Though they stumble, they will never fall, for the LORD holds them by the hand. (Psalm 37:23-24, NLT)

Sometimes “sticking with it” doesn’t mean doing everything you intended to do.  Sometimes it means taking one more step.  And the Bible assures us that God directs the steps of the godly.  Apparently this is His plan for me right now.

So I’ll catch up with my Bible study and my letter writing and maybe even my bike-riding.  But for this moment, I’ll stick with it by taking one more step and trusting that my Heavenly Father is directing that step and delighting in it.


  1. Shirley Allen

    Kendra: Great Post – my first comment didn’t get posted, so you may get my comments twice. Your statement was certainly timely for our #YES God OBS of “Sometimes “sticking with it” doesn’t mean doing everything you intended to do. Sometimes it means taking one more step. Thank you…loved your photo of the little one going up one step at a time:)

    • Kendra

      Thanks so much for visiting, Shirley! And thanks for enduring my technical issues. I have been having “fun” with my computer this week. But – one step at a time. God bless you!

  2. Shirley Allen

    Kendra: I really appreciated your “One Step at a Time” heart. A beat with each step. Your statement was certainly from timely for our OBS #Yes God women: “Sometimes “sticking with it” doesn’t mean doing everything you intended to do. Sometimes it means taking one more step.” Thank you!

  3. Beckey

    One of my favorite quotes is “We must be ready to allow ourselves to be interrupted by God…..We must not…..assume that our schedule is our own to manage, but allow it to be arranged by God.” ~ Dietrich Bonhoeffer

    One step at a time – in obedience. Ready to say #yestoGod and #stickwithit

    • Kendra

      That’s a wonderful quote, Beckey! Thanks for sharing it and for stopping by. Blessings to you.

  4. Abby (OBS FB Leader)

    Thank you for sharing this!! One of my group ladies read it and shared it with all of us. You have written what each one of face daily. Thank you for encouraging us to remember that God is guiding each of our steps, and although we may not complete what WE want to complete each day, we can rest in the secure knowledge that we are completing what HE wants us to complete. <3

    • Kendra

      It is difficult sometimes (often?) to be on God’s timetable instead of our own. But keeping in mind that He is directing our steps (and will not let us fall) helps me to remember to let go – and to trust Him in my everyday actions of making snacks and doing laundry and fixing garbage disposals (don’t ask! ;-)) Thanks for stopping by, Abby!

  5. Denise

    One step…one more step… Does creating a list, or joining a group, or designing a plan mean we must keep pace with others? I agree that one step means one step closer in your journey. Some days you might take two steps or walk a mike in the direction of your calling, but God loves you and admires your obedience to even take that single step. The desired outcomes are set by us and not to say that setting goals is wrong, but judging ourselves by our standard makes it seem we are stronger and all knowing compared to God. I need to find the forgiveness I just spoke about in judging myself and depending on myself and instead rest in His peace and plan as I join you in taking one more step of radical obedience! Thanks for sharing and I will be praying for your steps and for you to shout out His praise no matter what you step into.

    • Kendra

      What great thoughts, Denise! One of my biggest struggles some days is to obey the God of the Universe more than my schedule. (Is that what modern-day idolatry looks like, perhaps?) Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Amy

    Thank you! Sometimes I am amazed where God leads me and this morning he led me to read your blog! I get bogged down sometimes in the busy busy busy and worry about what’s not getting done. I love the verse you shared. Thank you for this blog today!

    • Kendra

      Your words blessed me this morning, Amy! I am new to blogging and struggle prayerfully with what to write (and if to write and when to write…). I am overjoyed and amazed that God gave me (little ol’ me!) the words to speak to your heart this morning. Thank you for sharing. Blessings to you, my friend.

  7. Marilyn Vaters

    Congratulations on your marriage. Yes your life has been full for sure, but as you said one step at a time and lots of time we have very long to do lists or expectations. Breathe and relax in God you will get caught up as He directs your focus on Him and what He desires for you. Stick with it and experience God ‘s blessings for your life. Blessing and prayer as you continue to say Yes to God.
    Marilyn (OBS Group Leader)

    • Kendra

      You are so right, Marilyn! When we give our day to God (including our to-do list), he blesses us even more! Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Irene

    Thank you for sharing and keeping it real! I love it. I think God gives us permission to set aside the to-do list. I can so relate…we moved almost a year ago, and I haven’t hung half my pictures or done most of the things that need to be done and feel totally guilty. This blog was meant for me this morning. – Irene

    • Kendra

      So glad you stopped by this morning, Irene! I keep reminding myself that God doesn’t care about dust bunnies and unweeded gardens. In fact, he’s making the flowers grow beautifully without my help at all! 😉 Keeping our focus on the Kingdom and the things He does care about is what matters.


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