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My Tuesday People

I love Emily Freeman‘s idea of Tuesday People – those people you do “regular” life with, who “offer us a safe place to feel insecure.”

Do I have Tuesday people?

I know folks who collect friends and keep them their whole lives. Folks who didn’t have to wait for Facebook to be invented to find out what their high school BFF was doing because they stayed in touch.

That’s not me. I kind of wish it was. But not really I guess, or I would’ve made that phone call or sent that letter.

Certainly some of my Tuesday People include the one I’m married to and the one I gave birth to and the offspring of the one I’m married to – you know, the people who start swarming when the kitchen comes alive with pan noises and yummy smells.

I’ve lived my life in chapters. Perhaps that’s what happens when you’ve lived 46 years in 5 states, and been married twice. Or perhaps that’s always what happens, as loved ones come and go and change.

My Tuesday People

So I’ve decided that my Tuesday People are perhaps not like your Tuesday People. For instance, I do not know what My First Best Friend Ever is doing now. {Several years ago, mom told me she married “that boy she used to date” and I still don’t know which boy – was it one of the ones I knew? A better friend would have this information. Especially when their moms still live in the same tiny town!}

But I’ve decided that doesn’t make me broken or wrong or unsociable. Because the Little Girl Me was introverted and insecure and not really sure of even calling her My Best Friend out loud. Because what if she didn’t feel the same about me? I would hate to embarrass her by being that girl who thinks she’s more important than she is. How awkward. {Bible verses about wedding seating charts come to mind.}

Additionally, different seasons bring different struggles and I am reluctant to relive the “good ol’ days” because with the happy memories come some fairly negative ones as well.

And some of my current Tuesday People I’ve not met in person (or barely met them). They’re Facebook Friends who are Real Tuesday People to me because they make me feel safe to be me. I hope they feel safe around me, too – that’s certainly my intention.

What’s my point?

I have had so many Tuesday People over the years –

I started to mention them all, but the list was so long it became embarrassing how many people who meant a lot to me I have lost touch with. Or resigned to Christmas Card or Facebook Like status. Sooo many people.

For all the Tuesday People throughout my life and those who are with me now – I thank God for the part you have played in my world. In some instances, you gave me respite from circumstances you may not have even known about, a bright shining spot of normal in an otherwise chaotic life. Others know you helped me through rough times or stood beside me in happy times – or both.

Some of you are my Tuesday People right now and may not even know it. I’m getting better at showing it. But not really because, awkward! Plus, it turns out Big Girl Me isn’t that different from Little Girl Me.

I’m trying to be more intentional and more verbally appreciative. But if I merely ‘like’ your Facebook posts or send you a Christmas card (don’t expect one, please! I’m not good at that either! and I lost your addresses in the move), know that it’s my way of saying, I really do care about you and value the role you’ve played (continue to play) in my life, but the whole reminiscing thing freaks me out a bunch. I look fondly on our time together (whether in person or as online friends) and smile when I think of you.

Thinking back, I’ve had so many Tuesday People. And it doesn’t even matter if you feel like I was your Best Friend or Tuesday Person, too. I’m just glad you were in my world. I am blessed beyond measure!

P.S. – You can read more about Tuesday People on Emily’s blog, or in her recent release Simply Tuesday: Small-Moment Living in a Fast-Moving World.

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  1. That was beautifully said, Kendra! Many times we think we have to declare everything to everyone and maintain every friendship we’ve ever made. Life changes and we change with it. Thank you for giving me freedom to think about this in a different way.

    1. Yes! I’m gradually learning to just be grateful.

  2. Although I’m fairly absent these days from the places we connect, I just want you to know you’ve been a Tuesday person in my life. Thank you, K.

    1. We’ve each been absent a lot, but you are always on my heart and in my prayers, Melinda.

  3. Hi Kendra, you’ve got me thinking. Perhas I need to break out the old fountain pen and touch base with a few ‘special’ people. Thanks

    1. Great idea, Rod! So glad you stopped by. I always appreciate your encouragement.

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