Why Prayer is the Answer — Even When You Don’t Want it to Be

Your heart lies exposed on the table between you. You’re glad you finally had a chance to share lunch — and life’s latest hard situation — with your friend. The story now told, you sit back, watch as she sips her mocha latte, and wait for your friend’s response. She sets down her cup and […]


Trust in God. Everyone says it. I say it, and I mean it. But I don’t know what it means. How can you trust when you don’t know what it means? There is a theory in psychology {yes, I trained as a psychologist; shoot me now!} that suggests we learn about the world from a […]

You’re Too Young To Get Married – Just Have Sex!

A dear friend of mine recently got engaged. She and her future husband are wonderful people, and I couldn’t be happier for them! They are each bright, hard-working, and considerate, and they love God immensely. They are also only 20 years old. They have many of the basic characteristics of adulthood, and the capacity to […]

Do I check in with God as frequently as I check my cell phone?

Each morning as I roll out of bed, my first stop, being “a woman of a certain age,” is the potty.  And more often than I’d like to admit, my second stop is my smart phone. True, I read a short devotional while I’m in the bathroom.  Too much information for polite company, I know, […]

When Organization Keeps Me from Getting Things Done

We’ve all had days when organization – or rather, the lack of organization – keeps us from getting things done.  The clutter on my counter is directly related to the clutter in my mind, and it exacerbates my brain fog.  On those days, I must take on the mess before I tackle my to-do list. […]

Grumbling Through My “Yes!” to God

I have had a number of bigger-than-usual opportunities to say “Yes!” to God recently.  (Wow!)  But after the initial “Yes, Lord!” – when the real work of obedience takes place – do I do that without grumbling?  Or do I continue to whine to myself that it is difficult?  Do I want credit for saying […]