Tending the Garden

Growing Through God's Grace

Children of God and Their Hair

Walking onto campus this morning, a cheery woman approaching from the other direction announced a little too loudly, “I love your hair! I wish mine was like that!” I smiled, said thank you, and cringed just the teeniest bit – the only external sign to indicate that internally I was rolling my eyes and saying, […]

When Peace Comes Out of Anger

I spent the morning being angry at God. Yes, Our Heavenly Father, Creator of the Universe. Really angry. Out loud in my prayer journal angry. I’m going to pack away all my Bibles and spiritual books angry. I felt blasphemous and foolish. I tried not to be bratty. I begged forgiveness for my feelings. But […]

Maybe It’s Not the Time

Obedience matters. Timing matters. In our world today, a lot is made of immediate gratification. In toddler-like fashion, we want things and we want them now. We can pray for God’s provision, but we have difficulty waiting for His timing. At least I do. I was reading this morning in the book of Joshua, the […]

Things I Learned in February and March

At the end of each month, Emily Freeman of Chatting at the Sky {LOVE her!!!} invites readers to post what they learned that month. Sometimes I join in. And sometimes I procrastinate hitting ‘publish’ long enough that I miss the opportunity. And sometimes – apparently – I leave an almost-finished post so long that another […]

When You Don’t Have the Answers

I keep not writing. I want to. But I hear my grandmother: “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” Messages stick better when they are personal and self-effacing. But they work best when those imperfections are tied up in neat little packages with ribbons of encouragement. Lately I am all about […]

The Beauty of Grace – A Book Review

When it arrived last week, I dove in headfirst. I was looking forward to reading Dawn Camp’s compilation book The Beauty of Grace: Stories of God’s Love from Today’s Most Popular Writers. But I had also promised to write a review of it. The book arrived late and I was on deadline. I quickly realized […]

What’s Her Problem?!

I knew it the moment I hit ‘publish.’ This is why I’ve not been posting much lately. Because there are so many things going on in the world and I am stressing about making dinner consistently. Not because there is no food in the fridge. Not because there is no money to buy food. Not […]

On Food; Or, Things I Should Have Learned By Now

I want to write. In theory. I even have a zillion ideas and another gazillion posts started. But they’re not right. Perhaps what’s not right is me. Because I’m discombobulated. And it feels like if you’re going to write, if you’re going to be a writer, if you’re going to put content out into the […]

What Will I Do Today?

One day, I was distraught because I didn’t get anything done. Okay. I was distraught many days. But this day included bouts of sobbing, the culmination of many days of feeling unproductive and overwhelmed and generally just bad about myself. Ever feel like that? Maybe the little mind mosquitoes nibble at your day. Or unforeseen […]

A Return to Posting

Have you ever agreed to meet up with an old friend? It sounds like a great idea until the reunion approaches. Then fear strikes. What will we talk about? I’ve changed so much and I bet she has, too. Will we even like each other anymore? More to the point, will she like me? Will […]