Kendra Burrows

" transformed by the renewing of your mind..." (Romans 12:2)

Eating Out Again? How to Decide If It’s Worth It [Free Printable]

Hey, there! If you’re here from Kathi Lipp’s blog, welcome! If not, head over there and take a peek. In my guest post on Kathi’s site, I’m talking about a fun way to determine if you eat out too much. And here’s a free printable worksheet to help you decide.  

Are You Overwhelmed? Here’s Help!

Have you ever been so overwhelmed with life that even the idea of reading a book about overcoming it made you twitch? Me, too! Have you ever wondered why the women around you can adopt seven children (two from foreign countries), run highly successful home businesses, take chicken soup & biscuits to the neighbors at […]

Should I Be Really Embarrassed?

Has something like this ever happened to you? When I was first dating my husband, we were having a lovely time laughing and carrying on, and then oops! — I tooted. Yes, I audibly passed gas. It’s embarrassing to even type that sentence. But he didn’t react – I mean, at all. So I found […]

Lenten Challenge: Luke 1

This Lenten season, I am reading Luke and Acts along with Margaret Feinberg. And I know that God is going to show up, plunging me deeper into His Word and His will, guiding my path. This morning I read Luke, chapter 1. My heart and head are so full of insights I can’t seem to […]

For a Rainy Thursday in November

On the verge of being on time, I only had to comb through my hair, start the dishwasher, and lock the back door before taking the monkey to school and heading to work. I should wear earrings today. As I fumbled through my drawer looking for matching silver hoops, the familiar thoughts flooded my mind. […]