Tending the Garden

Growing Through God's Grace

Romancing Your Better Half – A Book Review

Okay, I’m a sucker for marriage books. Maybe because it combines two of my favorite pastimes: reading and learning about my husband. Maybe because I had so few marriage role models as a child. Maybe because I am on Marriage Number 2 and desperately want to make it work, by learning how to overcome the […]

One Word?

I’ve not jumped on the One Word craze – the idea, based off a book I believe, that rather than have New Year’s resolutions, you should focus on a single word for the year. I probably learned about it a year or two ago. It sounded like a fun idea. A good idea. A focused […]

The Ducks and Absolute Faith

“The Ducks are definitely going to win tonight!” “Really!?” the bank teller asked excitedly. “Absolutely!” I assured him. Mind you, I have no special knowledge. Coach Helfrich hasn’t let me in on tonight’s line-up. Truth be told,  I haven’t watched any games this season. {I know. Don’t start with me.} But I am a Eugenian […]

Jesus Came For This

“For God sent forth his Son into the world, not for him to judge the world, but for the world to be saved through him.” John 3:17 If Jesus didn’t come to judge our sins, he certainly didn’t come to judge our Christmas to-do lists, like some kind of vindictive Santa determining that the cutest […]

My To Do List

My quiet time was interrupted this morning – not by critters or people – but by my own impatience and itchiness to move forward with the day. You see, my people are away for the last of several days and my self-imposed to-do list is not complete. It is not anywhere close to being complete. […]

Prepare (Five Minute Friday)

Today I’m linking up with Kate Motaung for Five Minute Friday, the day we write for five minutes on a single prompt and then hit publish – no editing, no backspacing. The prompt this week is: prepare. I’m not prepared. Not to write. Or for Christmas. Or for the coming term. So I sit here […]

To Love, Honor, and Protect

As I stood there watching my man, a can of spider-kill-juice in his hand, I was overcome by how well he takes care of me. You see, I am an insect magnet. Lucky me! When hubby and I watch fireworks from our cozy blanket on the grass, I return with dozens of bug bites while […]

Grace and Consequences

Ugh. Another student message. I missed the homework deadline. I’ve been sick and wasn’t able to take the exam on time. I’m just plain overwhelmed. Can I have an extension? I hate this part of my job. Truly hate it. I’m not good at holding people to deadlines. And I don’t enjoy doing it. That’s […]

31 Days Later

Do you ever start something and then, for good reasons, you can’t follow through? And you feel okay about it – you really do – because you gave it your all. And you’re even a little proud of yourself for not freaking out, for just taking it as it comes? But then you get nervous […]

Small Beginnings

The katsura is dropping gold coins on the wet yard. Autumn has officially arrived in the Pacific Northwest. It’s the season for slowing down. For eating hearty soups and breads and pumpkin pies in preparation for hibernation. For bundling up and hunkering down. For adapting to the rhythm of shorter days and colder nights. But […]